©  Photography by Alina Wall

© Photography by Alina Wall

Hello World!

I'm Nicki Harrisun, owner and operator of Nicki Kay Creative.

When I’m not busy making memories, or crossing T’s and dotting I’s on the next logo, you can find me with on the couch with the love of my life probably playing a video game or binge-watching Netflix.

Some fun facts about me…

  • “Nicki Kay” became an alias name, as most people could not spell and/or pronounce my maiden name (“Kereliuk”)

  • I started out as a band and musician photographer at the ripe age of 13 years old, starting this business when I was 17.

  • Outside of shooting, I am a full-time graphic designer employed in the Windsor area.

  • And yes (see above), I can Photoshop your (or someone else’s!) ex out of your photograph.

  • I feel my best when my nails are done and I’m holding a glass of Whiskey & Diet Coke.

  • I will have one hair colour at our first session, and by our second I would have changed it.

  • I am a huge supporter in all. things. LOCAL!

So why put your trust in me?

I’ve been proudly serving the Windsor/Detroit and beyond areas for 10 magical years.

Being young gives me the advantage to always keep up with modern technology and techniques to better suit the needs of each client. I love that I have a variety of styles and experiences under my plate.

My constant goal is to set myself apart from other artists, strictly by offering high quality work at a moderate price. Working within budgets, taking criticism, and input ideas from my clients are all what makes my business unique. It’s all about reflecting who you are with the use of a lens or a click of a mouse.