Nothing says being extremely thankful for all the love in your life like a Thanksgiving-weekend wedding.

Sarah and Andrew were completely blessed on the afternoon and evening of October 5th; the morning storm clouds parted, the sun brought warmth, and they had the most perfect weather for their special day.

One of the most unique things about this Kingsville venue is that all types of weddings or events can make it that much different or that much better. I absolutely need to mention to that I was completely blown away by the beautiful decorations that tied in every rustic aspect and character that it already had to offer… and they were all handmade by Sarah! Bless her soul.

With lots of smiles, dancing, and unreal dinner palate, the Quinn’s are going to have memories of a lifetime after their day. Congratulations you two!

Decor: DIY
Floral: Janette Florist
Dessert: Klueless Cupcakes
Next Dimensions
K & G Fashion
It’s Your Day Bridal
Nikia Rocha, Debra Meyers
Caterer: Firehouse Catering
Lakeside Pavilion



Where do I even begin about this AMAZING. DAY…

Alison and I actually met through my sister about 6 or 7 years ago, and we all had the same mutual friends. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that the two of us sat for coffee to discuss one another’s wedding plans that we realized how alike we are (and how alike our future husbands were!)

Plus, Danny is Ukrainian so… naturally, we’re all family now.

When discussing her wedding, I threw out the idea that I was completely free in September, and I saw the weight drop from her shoulders completely. “I didn’t want to ask you because I know you’re busy but I’m so glad you said something!” And thus began our absolute incredible journey of the Churchmack wedding plans.

Now, with my husband and I’s new best friends, we walked through every aspect of how their day would be and we counted down the hours until it was finally here. We designed the shower and wedding invitations together, we recommended florists, we hashed out the timeline. I truly felt like I was getting married a second time, and it was awesome!

September 29th ended up being a perfect day - especially weather-wise. It was a warm autumn day under a gazebo overlooking the Amherstburg channel, followed by a sun-kissed session amongst the haustas, and candle-lit dinner with roses and champagne. These two could have not asked for a better day to look back on.

Every little detail was so beautiful, which matches both personalities (and looks, hello!) on Alison and Danny. I am so thrilled I got to not only be a guest, but their photographer as well to witness their nuptials.

For so long I wondered if I would ever find my prince, my soul-mate. Then three years ago, I found everything that I’ve ever been looking for my whole life. And now, here we are, with our future before us, and I only want to spend it with you, my prince, my soul-mate, my friend.
— Monica, FRIENDS

Decor: Milestone Weddings and Events
Stationary: Nicki Kay Photography & Design
Floral: Janette Florist
Video: Michael James Videographer
It’s Your Day
Mariane Roberto-Iatonna, Lavish Hair Concepts
Holiday Inn, Amherstburg Navy Yard, Fogolar Furlan
Transit Windsor




Where to even begin about this absolute amazing day…

Holly & Adrian, while from Windsor, were living in the beautiful mountains of Alberta when she set her heart on me as her wedding photographer. I couldn’t wait to finally meet these two, and when I did, I was so happy we got connected together.

They were a match made in rustic heaven; Adrian with his disheveled hair and crooked grin that you couldn’t help but smile when he did, and Holly with her soul-piercing baby blues and contagious laughter… I knew we were gonna have the best. day. ever.

This wedding was also particularly special to me because I (finally!) got to bring along one of my best friends as my second shooter. For those who know me, you know that photography was generally something I’ve always marched alone to. I’m forever changed knowing I have the help and have no worries about what will be taken - we made a perfect team!

Not to mention, Holly & Adrian got us the cutest matching water bottles ever as a thank-you (seriously, I’m bringing it everywhere!)

We started the day with the bride and groom separately as they got themselves beautified for the day. The flower girl had her own modeling session, the family dog had a tutu, and the boys drank from their respected flasks. Need I say more?!

The duo were married in faith under the auspices of one of their own family members, which made it all the more special.

We recreated some memorable photographs from the Matron of Honour’s wedding, and we continued to the Riverfront for our photo session. Holly’s veil was totally unique, and made for wonderful shots as it blew in the (very strong) winds of August. We wrapped up photos with brews before introducing the Gerritsen’s for the first time at their reception.

August 26th was seriously one of the most fun days I’ve had, and this wedding will go down in record books. Thank you so much for letting us capture your day, and we can’t wait until you come back for a visit!

Second Photographer: Molly Bradac Photography
Gail’s Flowers & Event Decor
Floral: Gail’s Flowers & Event Decor
New Dimensions
David’s Bridal
Melanie Bezaire, Jenn Findlay
St. Theresa’s Parish, Windsor Riverfront, Sandwich Brewing Co., Caboto Club
Klueless Cupcakes
WE Trolley Tours



NK__Green (315).JPG

What I love about weddings is when the couple is genuinely happy to be with one another, especially after being together for TEN magical years!

The second I love, is the mix of complete organization and yet totally calm sense that a bride can rock. Sarah definitely had this down.

To play on the organization, we got Sarah dressed and ready at her family's home which was only a skip and a jump from where they were about to say their "I do's." Her 'Man of Honour' was one of the most loyal bridal attendants I've ever witnessed, consistently fluffing her dress, and snapping in her shoe straps. Her flower girl even challenged Sarah to a tip-toe competition to calm her jittery excitement.

Sarah and Mike were then joined in union under the open arms of faith and complete adoration of their friends and family.

Following our nostalgic family and party photos, it was time for any and all dance moves to be tested and put on display. It was a party Jay Gatsby himself would be proud of.

Like I said before, Sarah and Mike met in high school forever ago and have continued to keep the forever theme. These two are perfect for each other, and I was so happy I got to be a part of their day!

Dress: Sophie's Bridal
Suit: Moore's
Beauty: Tiffany Wolter Makeup Artistry, Katlina @ Studio Vert
Location: Most Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church, Queen Elizabeth II Gardens, Catholic Central High School, Fogolar Furlan
Cake: Cupcake Cafe
Floral: Pushing Petals
Music: Platinum Entertainment

NK__Green (75).JPG
NK__Green (595).JPG



So, what's really fantastic about this duo is that they are the most loyal and kind people you will ever meet. An added bonus is that they don't question anything you ask them to do for photos (i.e. travel in a snowstorm to Canada in heels and a dress for outdoor shots)

A.J. and Averie have known each other pretty well forever, and started their relationship basically around the same time. For those who say "they're too young!" or "they've got tons of time to have life experiences!" - these two are the perfect example for why these others are wrong.

We have gotten together for many shoots over the years, as my brother-in-law (turned officiant for the day!) always recommended me. So I was lucky and ecstatic that they didn't even question who was going to capture their wedding memories.

The day started in the busyness that was the newlyweds hotel room. In the midst of the chaos you stop to see the calm beauty that is Averie; ironing a child's dress shirt, and putting final craft touches on her accents.

Down the hall was A.J., mixing some whiskey and Coca Cola, and anxious to wear his superhero socks.

The two said their I Do's in a historical park, with the end of June warmth surrounding them. The rustic accents, and pops of proud American culture on their long weekend tied their day together.

I am over the moon to see what the future holds for them; because while they are both amazing separately, together they are unstoppable. 

Congratulations you two!

Dress: Windsor Store
Suit: President Tuxedo
Beauty: Tara Wood, Dollface Designs
Location: Ella Sharp Park
Decor: DIY
Cake: Sams Club
Floral: DIY



I met Kelly and Tai through a mutual friend who has always been a big NK supporter (I'm looking at you, Jeff!) Tai was the first one to sit down, and before talking about himself and his bride to be, he asked how my wedding was coming along. That's just how these two were; selfless, and caring of everyone around them.

Also, it was an added bonus that their first dance song was coincidentally a song my future husband and I equally love.

The Ly wedding was kissed by the 1950's, with petticoats, glass Coke bottles and roll curls, and hugged with details of Tai's cultural background. There was more than enough love in the room from their friends and family to last them a lifetime.

Congratulations to this super fun couple!

Dress: Lady Di's
Beauty: Chelsea Gagnier Esthetician, Shag Shalon
Location: Wagner Orchards & Estate Winery
Decor: DIY
Music: DJ Struggz
Cake: Sheila Morton
Floral: DIY

NK__Ly (80).JPG


You know when you look back on photographs and you just can't help but laugh and smile because you can just feel all the great energies and vibes from that magical day?

That was the Raymont wedding.

Bree and I take it back to our troubled, ridiculous teenage years where boys were a hassle, and you could mix anything with Goldschläger. When I learned that she had finally found her Prince Charming, I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of their day.

Upon our first meeting, I knew Tyler was perfect for my friend because...
A) He was and is an incredible father
B) I've never seen her smile so big
C) He still let her be her wild self!

On June 23, the two wed basked in white drapery in front of a packed hall. There was so much love in the room. Rain or shine couldn't stop their happiness, and you can see it in these photographs.

Dress: It's Your Day
Suit: Moore's
Locations: Caboto Club, Jackson Park
Decor: Glamour Events
Music: Brian Neels
Cake: Little House of Cupcakes
Floral: Petals

raymont (312).JPG


NK__Boomer (715).JPG

"Two souls are sometimes created together, and in love before their born."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

It's not very often you get a chance to see a love play out for as long as you've known someone, but in this case, I was blessed with Devon & Travis.

Travis & I go back to the early 2000's as our sisters are best friends, and as long as I've known Travis and his sister, it has always been Devon.

On June 16th, it was no different.

This duo are the most laid back, organized people I have ever met, and have done business with. When the clouds kissed them with rain, they laughed and continued holding hands. I swear, these two could have just stood there, together, all day, in their own Boomer world if it wasn't for all of their guests running inside, hurrying them away as they went. 

Devon dawned a beautiful lace-torso gown with buttons that trailed her back and train. Travis looked dapper as ever with a classic suspender and bow-tie ensemble. The two wedded along the golf course, before the sun finally made its appearance. It was an all-day party to celebrate their love, and I'm sure it hasn't stopped since.

I hope your marriage is as beautiful as the two of you, and I'm so grateful I got to be a part of your day.

NK__Boomer (309).JPG
NK__Boomer (963).JPG


Let's throw it all the way back when I met Travis; playground, public school, probably a good use of crayons. This guy has been following my career since we were kids!

Enter Aneesa in all her beautiful glory (all the way from Kalamazoo!)

In a small, intimate ceremony, the Wonsch's shared "I do's" and their first kiss as a betrothed couple. From the warmth of a lovely church, to the bright sun-kissed river side for photographs with their family and friends.

And because it was one of the first gorgeous days we were blessed with this Spring, this called for an ice cream break at Stop 26.

While I'm glad Travis and I grew up, I'm also glad we didn't lose touch.

A reading from their vows included Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 which simply states "two are better than one." Congratulations to this adorable duo!


Locations: Parkwood Gospel Church, Reaume Park, Stop 26
Officiant: Pastor Daniel Gray
Bride's Hair: The Hair Mechanix


About this time last year I'm sitting in my sisters kitchen when I suddenly scared everyone by gasping so loudly.

Kassy reached out to me after seeing a friend's blog post of mine and asked if I wanted the opportunity to photograph her destination wedding in Mexico.

Okay, but, like...
1) I've never been on a plane
2) I've never seen palm trees before
3) I don't get out much
4) ME? REALLY?!!

Now I can proudly cross this accomplishment off my bucket list thanks to the Elliott's.

Last fall we did an engagement session with a beautiful sunset at Mastronardi Winery, and we continued to count down the days until this amazing week together. 

At the beginning of April we touched down in sunny (and hella warm!) Cancun, Mexico where we stayed at a beautiful resort in Playa Del Carmen. The week leading up to the wedding and after was filled with laughs, lots of Mojitos, food and an overall wonderful adventure for everyone involved.

We started the day with Kassy's bridesmaids gussying her up in her room. From there I paid a visit to our handsome groom, Tyler, where he was definitely taking advantage of the hotel life; complete with bath robe, slippers, and a drink in hand.

Along the winding wood boardwalk was where their ceremony headed; a Carribean-sea, sun-kissed backdrop. All the family and friends enjoyed a nice Italian dinner at one of the resort's intimate restaurants, followed by a private beach dance party. It was unbelievable.

Mexico, Kassy & Tyler were unforgettable... and I can't wait to photograph your future life events! (I'm talking babies, guys.)


Location: Grand Sunset Princess Hotel & Resort
Bride: Sophie's Gown Shoppe



Let's take some time to talk about this wedding today.

Remember that scene from Sex and the City when Charlotte embarrasses Carrie in the restaurant by announcing how she's finally engaged after 10 years, and all the patrons erupt in applause?

That's kindof how Summer of 2015 was for our family.

You see, Kevin is my uncle. And my mother has harassed her big brother for years to 'put a ring on it.' So imagine our surprise when Trina finally got to reply "You mean like this one?" holding up a gorgeous solitaire on her left hand.

A key element in this story is that we're half Irish; Trina was certainly the one, and she clicked with our entire family right away every March 17th with a green wig and eyelashes to match. 

So when you're already throwing a big party for St. Patrick's Day, why not continue the theme and throw a BIGGER party? Thirteen magical and crazy years later, we're here!

Donned head to toe in traditional Irish garb, Kevin and his band of merry men, and Trina and her bundle of beautiful ladies headed to the docks overlooking the Detroit River. Following was a very entertaining trip to a virtual, indoor golf course where we mocked St. Andrew's castle as our backdrop. 

The "I do's" took place in front of their closest family and friends, with delicate cream draping the tables and walls, and - of course - subtle greenery lighting. After speeches and first dances, the party was well under way all night long.

I already considered Trina my aunt many years ago, but truly, I think both her and Kevin are very lucky to have found each other.


Decor: Designs By Diane
Bride: JJ's House
Locations: Sunnyside Tavern, Silver Tee, Royal Canadian Legion #594

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Burleigh (20).JPG