Where do I even begin about this AMAZING. DAY…

Alison and I actually met through my sister about 6 or 7 years ago, and we all had the same mutual friends. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that the two of us sat for coffee to discuss one another’s wedding plans that we realized how alike we are (and how alike our future husbands were!)

Plus, Danny is Ukrainian so… naturally, we’re all family now.

When discussing her wedding, I threw out the idea that I was completely free in September, and I saw the weight drop from her shoulders completely. “I didn’t want to ask you because I know you’re busy but I’m so glad you said something!” And thus began our absolute incredible journey of the Churchmack wedding plans.

Now, with my husband and I’s new best friends, we walked through every aspect of how their day would be and we counted down the hours until it was finally here. We designed the shower and wedding invitations together, we recommended florists, we hashed out the timeline. I truly felt like I was getting married a second time, and it was awesome!

September 29th ended up being a perfect day - especially weather-wise. It was a warm autumn day under a gazebo overlooking the Amherstburg channel, followed by a sun-kissed session amongst the haustas, and candle-lit dinner with roses and champagne. These two could have not asked for a better day to look back on.

Every little detail was so beautiful, which matches both personalities (and looks, hello!) on Alison and Danny. I am so thrilled I got to not only be a guest, but their photographer as well to witness their nuptials.

For so long I wondered if I would ever find my prince, my soul-mate. Then three years ago, I found everything that I’ve ever been looking for my whole life. And now, here we are, with our future before us, and I only want to spend it with you, my prince, my soul-mate, my friend.
— Monica, FRIENDS

Decor: Milestone Weddings and Events
Stationary: Nicki Kay Photography & Design
Floral: Janette Florist
Video: Michael James Videographer
It’s Your Day
Mariane Roberto-Iatonna, Lavish Hair Concepts
Holiday Inn, Amherstburg Navy Yard, Fogolar Furlan
Transit Windsor



About this time last year I'm sitting in my sisters kitchen when I suddenly scared everyone by gasping so loudly.

Kassy reached out to me after seeing a friend's blog post of mine and asked if I wanted the opportunity to photograph her destination wedding in Mexico.

Okay, but, like...
1) I've never been on a plane
2) I've never seen palm trees before
3) I don't get out much
4) ME? REALLY?!!

Now I can proudly cross this accomplishment off my bucket list thanks to the Elliott's.

Last fall we did an engagement session with a beautiful sunset at Mastronardi Winery, and we continued to count down the days until this amazing week together. 

At the beginning of April we touched down in sunny (and hella warm!) Cancun, Mexico where we stayed at a beautiful resort in Playa Del Carmen. The week leading up to the wedding and after was filled with laughs, lots of Mojitos, food and an overall wonderful adventure for everyone involved.

We started the day with Kassy's bridesmaids gussying her up in her room. From there I paid a visit to our handsome groom, Tyler, where he was definitely taking advantage of the hotel life; complete with bath robe, slippers, and a drink in hand.

Along the winding wood boardwalk was where their ceremony headed; a Carribean-sea, sun-kissed backdrop. All the family and friends enjoyed a nice Italian dinner at one of the resort's intimate restaurants, followed by a private beach dance party. It was unbelievable.

Mexico, Kassy & Tyler were unforgettable... and I can't wait to photograph your future life events! (I'm talking babies, guys.)


Location: Grand Sunset Princess Hotel & Resort
Bride: Sophie's Gown Shoppe



Let's take some time to talk about this wedding today.

Remember that scene from Sex and the City when Charlotte embarrasses Carrie in the restaurant by announcing how she's finally engaged after 10 years, and all the patrons erupt in applause?

That's kindof how Summer of 2015 was for our family.

You see, Kevin is my uncle. And my mother has harassed her big brother for years to 'put a ring on it.' So imagine our surprise when Trina finally got to reply "You mean like this one?" holding up a gorgeous solitaire on her left hand.

A key element in this story is that we're half Irish; Trina was certainly the one, and she clicked with our entire family right away every March 17th with a green wig and eyelashes to match. 

So when you're already throwing a big party for St. Patrick's Day, why not continue the theme and throw a BIGGER party? Thirteen magical and crazy years later, we're here!

Donned head to toe in traditional Irish garb, Kevin and his band of merry men, and Trina and her bundle of beautiful ladies headed to the docks overlooking the Detroit River. Following was a very entertaining trip to a virtual, indoor golf course where we mocked St. Andrew's castle as our backdrop. 

The "I do's" took place in front of their closest family and friends, with delicate cream draping the tables and walls, and - of course - subtle greenery lighting. After speeches and first dances, the party was well under way all night long.

I already considered Trina my aunt many years ago, but truly, I think both her and Kevin are very lucky to have found each other.


Decor: Designs By Diane
Bride: JJ's House
Locations: Sunnyside Tavern, Silver Tee, Royal Canadian Legion #594

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November 5th is an important date for many reasons; one, because my cousin married the woman of his dreams. And two, because I photographed my very first wedding as a photographer.

I love going back and looking at old files because I see how I've evolved over the last 8 years since officially becoming "Nicki Kay." In every picture I remember every challenge, every victory, and every next creative idea.

Megan & Kelly put all of their eggs in my basket when it came to establishing my career. It was always without a doubt and without hesitation that I was their first choice.

Today they celebrate 7 years wonderfully and beautifully married. I celebrate being forever thankful.

Happiest of anniversaries to one of my favourite couples!


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I just wanted to take a moment to share this album I had created for Ryan & Rachelle. The Zorzit's handpicked which photos they wanted to display, and together we created a little bit of magic.

This is something I'm quite proud of, and would love to create more for my future brides and grooms!



At the beginning of the summer I got to meet this super sweet couple to photograph them here in Windsor. This time, I got to travel to Sarnia for their special day, and it could not have been more perfect!

The weather was absolutely amazing for this September Saturday. The sun shone perfectly on the bright floral designs, and the fireplace crackled to keep guests warm with the cool breeze.

The venues could not have been more perfect for these two. They said their "I do's" under a beautifully-decorated pavilion, followed by our portrait session in the most wonderful park I've ever laid eyes on! To tie the evening up, we dined on hor d'oeuvres and quality cuisine at a quaint, local restaurant with dimmed lighting to fill the atmosphere with romance. 

Laura and Keith are glowing with joy, and you'll see it in these photos. 


Floral: Paulina's Flower Shoppe
Decor: Mary Ann & Frank Teahan
Locations: Seaway Kiwanis PavilionGreenhill Gardens, Olive's Casual Cuisine

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I could not wait for Steve and Alesha's day for many reasons...

One being that I grew up with Steve, and it was amazing to see him happy and settling down!

Another, because Alesha is a riot.

And lastly, because their wedding was hella cool.

I'm a big Halloween gal, so to see it come to life in the classiest way possible completely tugged at my heart strings. On a cool October day in 2013, the Demetrakeas' said "I do!" in the backyard of Alesha's family home, followed by a photo session in two beautiful spots in Macomb, Michigan; George George Memorial Park and Clinton Grove Cemetery. The reception was a blast from start to finish, and you could fill the laughter and the love in the air.

The happiest of anniversaries to these two rockstars!



When they say Windsor is a small town, they aren't kidding - in this case, it's a small street! 

Heather reached out to me after a great recommendation; it turns out Heather lives at the end of the street I spent 20 years of my life living on, and my parents still reside there. The recommendation was actually a neighbour of ours! 

Did I mention they've been together for 15 years!? They are fate.

There are few and far between couples that are as down-to-earth as these two, and you could feel every ounce of happiness radiating off of them all day. This couple fought through every obstacle to get to their special day with the biggest smiles on their face. So when guests said before their outdoor ceremony "The sky looks bad," they replied with "As long as there is no rain, it can look however it wants."

For us photographers, overcast is PERFECT weather for outdoor shooting. Nobody is squinting, or washed out from bright sun. It really was a beautiful day.

We enjoyed a small ceremony at Jackson Park, where the flowers were in absolute full bloom, and we followed with a light reception at Windsor Palace. The evening was bright and filled with love and laughter.

I was so happy and honoured to be a part of their (finally!) memorable day.


Floral: Zehr's Florist Shop
Locations: Jackson Park, Windsor Palace

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For those of you who don't know, outside of Nicki Kay Photography & Design I am a full-time graphic designer at Families First Funeral Home.

When people first hear this, I get the same question asked "How do you do it?" The truth is, it takes a lot of strength, and love, and hard work every single day. The thing that makes the job so great and easy to tackle is the people you're surrounded by.

It had been about 5 years since the staff at Families First brought their own families in to create some memories, so management asked me and my colleague Nina to step in.

Here's a brief summary of the first weekend of Fall (which felt like the middle of July!!!) - I can't thank my coworkers and their families enough for trusting me to photograph them.