November 5th is an important date for many reasons; one, because my cousin married the woman of his dreams. And two, because I photographed my very first wedding as a photographer.

I love going back and looking at old files because I see how I've evolved over the last 8 years since officially becoming "Nicki Kay." In every picture I remember every challenge, every victory, and every next creative idea.

Megan & Kelly put all of their eggs in my basket when it came to establishing my career. It was always without a doubt and without hesitation that I was their first choice.

Today they celebrate 7 years wonderfully and beautifully married. I celebrate being forever thankful.

Happiest of anniversaries to one of my favourite couples!


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I just wanted to take a moment to share this album I had created for Ryan & Rachelle. The Zorzit's handpicked which photos they wanted to display, and together we created a little bit of magic.

This is something I'm quite proud of, and would love to create more for my future brides and grooms!



At the beginning of the summer I got to meet this super sweet couple to photograph them here in Windsor. This time, I got to travel to Sarnia for their special day, and it could not have been more perfect!

The weather was absolutely amazing for this September Saturday. The sun shone perfectly on the bright floral designs, and the fireplace crackled to keep guests warm with the cool breeze.

The venues could not have been more perfect for these two. They said their "I do's" under a beautifully-decorated pavilion, followed by our portrait session in the most wonderful park I've ever laid eyes on! To tie the evening up, we dined on hor d'oeuvres and quality cuisine at a quaint, local restaurant with dimmed lighting to fill the atmosphere with romance. 

Laura and Keith are glowing with joy, and you'll see it in these photos. 


Floral: Paulina's Flower Shoppe
Decor: Mary Ann & Frank Teahan
Locations: Seaway Kiwanis PavilionGreenhill Gardens, Olive's Casual Cuisine

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I could not wait for Steve and Alesha's day for many reasons...

One being that I grew up with Steve, and it was amazing to see him happy and settling down!

Another, because Alesha is a riot.

And lastly, because their wedding was hella cool.

I'm a big Halloween gal, so to see it come to life in the classiest way possible completely tugged at my heart strings. On a cool October day in 2013, the Demetrakeas' said "I do!" in the backyard of Alesha's family home, followed by a photo session in two beautiful spots in Macomb, Michigan; George George Memorial Park and Clinton Grove Cemetery. The reception was a blast from start to finish, and you could fill the laughter and the love in the air.

The happiest of anniversaries to these two rockstars!



When they say Windsor is a small town, they aren't kidding - in this case, it's a small street! 

Heather reached out to me after a great recommendation; it turns out Heather lives at the end of the street I spent 20 years of my life living on, and my parents still reside there. The recommendation was actually a neighbour of ours! 

Did I mention they've been together for 15 years!? They are fate.

There are few and far between couples that are as down-to-earth as these two, and you could feel every ounce of happiness radiating off of them all day. This couple fought through every obstacle to get to their special day with the biggest smiles on their face. So when guests said before their outdoor ceremony "The sky looks bad," they replied with "As long as there is no rain, it can look however it wants."

For us photographers, overcast is PERFECT weather for outdoor shooting. Nobody is squinting, or washed out from bright sun. It really was a beautiful day.

We enjoyed a small ceremony at Jackson Park, where the flowers were in absolute full bloom, and we followed with a light reception at Windsor Palace. The evening was bright and filled with love and laughter.

I was so happy and honoured to be a part of their (finally!) memorable day.


Floral: Zehr's Florist Shop
Locations: Jackson Park, Windsor Palace

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For those of you who don't know, outside of Nicki Kay Photography & Design I am a full-time graphic designer at Families First Funeral Home.

When people first hear this, I get the same question asked "How do you do it?" The truth is, it takes a lot of strength, and love, and hard work every single day. The thing that makes the job so great and easy to tackle is the people you're surrounded by.

It had been about 5 years since the staff at Families First brought their own families in to create some memories, so management asked me and my colleague Nina to step in.

Here's a brief summary of the first weekend of Fall (which felt like the middle of July!!!) - I can't thank my coworkers and their families enough for trusting me to photograph them.

Colby (15).JPG
Colby (19).JPG
Randi (25).JPG
Randi (14).JPG
Val (30).JPG
Val (47).JPG


Last Spring, Evan approached me to do some "family shots" of him, my great friend Brianna, and their dog Diesel; the twist was that he was going to propose. Never have I been so thrilled to be a part of two peoples lives, let alone asking me to share this special moment with them!

I've known Bri for years as we used to work together. We clicked instantly, and have been singing every Taylor Swift song together ever since. All I heard about was how amazing her man was and how she had snagged such a catch; she was right! Evan adores every bit of her, and seeing that girl smile is wonderful.

Today, they finally become husband and wife.

Thank you both for being awesome in every way, shape and form, and for letting me be involved in your journey of love.



Of course you all remember the goosebumps you got reading about Cody and Taylor's fairytale love story...

I said it then, and we still know it, see it and love it: Cody is the 'the one' for Taylor. So to be a part of their journey has been nothing but an honour.

First we had little bump, then we had big bump, and finally Parker is here and cute as ever. What could be more wonderful? How about becoming Mr. & Mrs. in ONE WEEK from TODAY!

I love photographing these two, and I love that I've been asked to shoot their big wedding soirée in the future. Congratulations to these two beautiful beings, and I can't wait to see what other magic we create together!

(Irrelevant P.S. - My fiancé and I love having another couple to hang out with now!!!)

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Remember this awesome duo?

Of course you do. Because nobody could ever forget a love like that.

After a year full of photographs and memories, I got to create some more (important) ones with Ryan & Rachelle - also known now as the Zorzit's.

Both of them have known me since I was starting my journey of my photography. Ryan and I went to high school together, so we saw each other through all phases of embarrassing. Rachelle remembered me from when I got my business started and photographed metal bands around the city (also embarrassing). When Rachelle mentioned my name to Ryan, without hesitation he said "she's hired."

Since then, the 3 of us have been on a whirlwind of awesome. Like I said before, my camera loves them, and loves the love they have for each other.

Some of my absolute favourite photographs are of these two, and their wedding day was no different.

We started the day back and forth from the bride and groom's family homes, then we met at Corpus Christi; a church the Zorzit's are proudly a part of. After a beautiful day in Jackson Park, with just the right amount of sunshine, we partied at Ciociaro Club where plum hues and sparkle gave the perfect nod to the end of summer.

They let me experiment with all of the little extras while they got dolled up, and the two still made me feel like a guest rather than help at their ceremony by flashing laughs and jokes my way from across the room.

These two are wonderful, and these photos are proof.


Dress: It's Your Day
Suits: Freeds of Windsor
Floral: Gail's Flowers & Event Decor
Decorations: Gail's Flowers & Event Decor
Cake: Sugar Spoon Bakery
Locations: Corpus Christi Church, Jackson Park, Ciociaro Club



About a year ago, Stephanie came into contact with me for her wedding. Since then, getting to know her was definitely getting to adore her, as her and I were both fellow Potterheads, and it seemed the stars aligned for us to work together. Jonathan on the other hand was still a mystery, because his busy bones were out in Saskatchewan being a hero, and we didn't get a chance to meet until only a few days before "I do."

Stephanie is joining Jonathan on the road to the West, followed by little Liana, who was the sweetest flower girl ever. I am so glad I got to celebrate their special moments together a few weeks ago, because everything was smiles and love between these two.

A small, quaint ceremony took place basking below the warm sun, under the trees in Olde Sandwich Towne, followed by a dinner overlooking the waterfront. The wedding for the Bay's was perfect for them - simple, with rustic charm.

Until we meet again, I'm sending many of happiest wishes their way from home, awaiting when they'll come back and let me capture them once more.


Dress: Galina
Rings: People's Jewelers, EMBR
Floral: Eco Flower
Cake: Yummy Tummy
Locations: Mackenzie Hall, Jackson Park, Lilly Kazilly's

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(NK) BAY__447.JPG


Every year in July or August I go states-side to see two of my favourite models. I've been photographing Lola since she was 2, and Nora since she was newborn. This duo have their birthdays just a few weeks apart from each other, and this photographer loves to see how much they grow every year.

And every year, they age another 5 years mentally, which makes them so incredibly fun to be around. The bonus? I get to call them FAMILY.

This year, I took the girls out for a spa day with mani/pedis, tacos and ice cream. To top it off, my little wild child's were ready to strike a pose; especially NJ who was wearing her big sister's dress from when she was the exact same age.

The Battaglia family are the reason I am where I am in my career. They took me on for every project, no matter the size of the task, and no matter the little of experience I had. Every year I get to try and compete with myself for them, and very few things put a greater smile on my face.

Happiest of birthdays to these darlings, your big cuz can't wait to hang with you again!



I was so grateful these two risked a rainy Sunday drive from Sarnia to come visit me for photos in Windsor - we were blessed with perfect weather, and beautiful sunshine!

Laura was introduced to me from our dear friend, Heather, who will be one of her bridesmaids this upcoming September. I'm completely honoured to be apart of their adventure in life together, and can't wait for their special day in a few months!



I had the absolute pleasure of meeting these two via our mutual friends. I had donated a session for a Stag and Doe back in April, and was thrilled when Amanda and Adrian showed up ready for action. They even brought me the cutest bottle of wine!

They shared with me that they got engaged two weeks prior to the event, and had no plans of doing photos together. But when they saw the option, all their door tickets went into my bag. I was absolutely flattered! And here we are.

The second my camera lifted, it loved them both. These two are the epitome of happiness; of total adoration. I kept making the joke that they look like the perfect Pinterest-esque couple, because it was so true!

I can't wait until these two tie the knot, because it will be all sorts of magical.


Mama Danielle & Andrew reached out to me as she's about to pop in August of this year. This family was incredibly fun and definitely all-means beautiful, that photographing them was a breeze (pun intended with the very windy day we had!)

Little Dax is very excited to be a big brother to his new baby sister, and was full of smiles and laughs on this day!

"There may be no relationship that's closer, finer, harder, sweeter, happier, sadder, more filled with joy or fraught with woe, than the relationship we have with our brother or sister."
- Jeffrey Kluger


Everyone has a second family; the best friends that grew up with your parents, the ones that are pregnant together, the ones that are like aunts, uncles and cousins. Lucky for me, I was blessed with all of this rolled into one.

My godparents, Cindy and Steve, have been in my parents lives forever. Their son, Stephen, was my womb-buddy (while our mothers were due within 3 months of each other), and their daughter, Rachel, will be standing by my side next August for my wedding.

To put a cherry on top of this story, Stephen and his girlfriend Amber were voted Cutest Couple on my Facebook fan page contest in February. While the Brown's were very much overdue for new family photos (I'm talking at least 10-15 years), I let S&A cuddle up for some adorable overload.

I wouldn't be the person I am if any of these individuals weren't in my life.


I remembered photographing these two darlings when they were a flower girl and ring bearer in a wedding 2 years ago – they both grew so much in the time passed, I barely recognized them!

I was glad Mama G got in touch so I could get them in front of the camera again. The first time they were really shy... this time Ty & Mia had no problem showing off their smiles and climbing abilities!

These two are going to break some hearts in a few years time.



What's awesome when two people click is that they want to keep making magic together – in this instance, Ryan and Rachelle's love for each other is extraordinary, and the love my camera (and me) has for this duo is enchanting.

This was our third time together in just 8 months. This time, we took it indoors to the Foundry Pub where the rustic wood brought out every bit of warmth on that beautiful Saturday morning.

The next time I photograph these two, they'll be saying their "I Do's." Why not sneak in one last engagement shoot in together before then?

Once again, I give you the future Mr. & Mrs. Zorzit...



I met Taylor through one of our great mutual friends when we were just teenagers, and we are both godmamas to two cute sisters. When Cody came in to the picture, it was like every day together was filled with sunshine. We all knew he was 'the one.'

We had met up for a small bump session in the Winter of 2016, but these two were so adorable I needed more! I was so lucky Taylor reached out again before she is due. 

While discussing our plans with Taylor, Cody suddenly pops up online and says to keep him informed - because he wants to propose! I was absolutely ecstatic to be apart of this and knew it had to be unique, and absolutely special.

I let Cody know of the best spots, ones where I could still capture the moment but give them their special time together. Obviously, Taylor said hell yes.

So now we get to look forward to two amazing times in this duo's life; the birth of Baby Parker in May (or April, judging by the pop of that belly!), and now the union of the future of Mr & Mrs Blair.

Thanks for tolerating the mud and my obnoxious "aw's" - you are stellar kids.


I have known the Lachapelle family for many wonderful years. It seems I had become the go-to girl for all means family photos, so naturally, they made me feel like I was another sibling or daughter to them.

So when your family loses a loved one, your world is shook.

We lost the queen of the family, Rae, a few weeks ago unexpectedly. Morgan, after many messages of condolences, approached me about my love for the musical Rent. I had no idea it had been touring, as I had only seen it perform in Windsor. Morgan extended the invite, but with a twist.

Morgan and I were around 14 years old when we first met, but I have yet to see a smile on her face as big as when Becky is around. To my surprise, and my happiness, Morgan and Becky wanted to get engaged to each other, but had hesitated while grieving. Until just shortly ago,  under the gold and marble painted skies of the Fisher Theater, they exchanged rings. The most beautiful part of their story? Mama Rae was the only one who had seen them.

I'm blessed to know this family, and forever grateful to be their first call.