When they say Windsor is a small town, they aren't kidding - in this case, it's a small street! 

Heather reached out to me after a great recommendation; it turns out Heather lives at the end of the street I spent 20 years of my life living on, and my parents still reside there. The recommendation was actually a neighbour of ours! 

Did I mention they've been together for 15 years!? They are fate.

There are few and far between couples that are as down-to-earth as these two, and you could feel every ounce of happiness radiating off of them all day. This couple fought through every obstacle to get to their special day with the biggest smiles on their face. So when guests said before their outdoor ceremony "The sky looks bad," they replied with "As long as there is no rain, it can look however it wants."

For us photographers, overcast is PERFECT weather for outdoor shooting. Nobody is squinting, or washed out from bright sun. It really was a beautiful day.

We enjoyed a small ceremony at Jackson Park, where the flowers were in absolute full bloom, and we followed with a light reception at Windsor Palace. The evening was bright and filled with love and laughter.

I was so happy and honoured to be a part of their (finally!) memorable day.


Floral: Zehr's Florist Shop
Locations: Jackson Park, Windsor Palace

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