For those of you who don't know, outside of Nicki Kay Photography & Design I am a full-time graphic designer at Families First Funeral Home.

When people first hear this, I get the same question asked "How do you do it?" The truth is, it takes a lot of strength, and love, and hard work every single day. The thing that makes the job so great and easy to tackle is the people you're surrounded by.

It had been about 5 years since the staff at Families First brought their own families in to create some memories, so management asked me and my colleague Nina to step in.

Here's a brief summary of the first weekend of Fall (which felt like the middle of July!!!) - I can't thank my coworkers and their families enough for trusting me to photograph them.

Colby (15).JPG
Colby (19).JPG
Randi (25).JPG
Randi (14).JPG
Val (30).JPG
Val (47).JPG