Let's take some time to talk about this wedding today.

Remember that scene from Sex and the City when Charlotte embarrasses Carrie in the restaurant by announcing how she's finally engaged after 10 years, and all the patrons erupt in applause?

That's kindof how Summer of 2015 was for our family.

You see, Kevin is my uncle. And my mother has harassed her big brother for years to 'put a ring on it.' So imagine our surprise when Trina finally got to reply "You mean like this one?" holding up a gorgeous solitaire on her left hand.

A key element in this story is that we're half Irish; Trina was certainly the one, and she clicked with our entire family right away every March 17th with a green wig and eyelashes to match. 

So when you're already throwing a big party for St. Patrick's Day, why not continue the theme and throw a BIGGER party? Thirteen magical and crazy years later, we're here!

Donned head to toe in traditional Irish garb, Kevin and his band of merry men, and Trina and her bundle of beautiful ladies headed to the docks overlooking the Detroit River. Following was a very entertaining trip to a virtual, indoor golf course where we mocked St. Andrew's castle as our backdrop. 

The "I do's" took place in front of their closest family and friends, with delicate cream draping the tables and walls, and - of course - subtle greenery lighting. After speeches and first dances, the party was well under way all night long.

I already considered Trina my aunt many years ago, but truly, I think both her and Kevin are very lucky to have found each other.


Decor: Designs By Diane
Bride: JJ's House
Locations: Sunnyside Tavern, Silver Tee, Royal Canadian Legion #594

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