So, what's really fantastic about this duo is that they are the most loyal and kind people you will ever meet. An added bonus is that they don't question anything you ask them to do for photos (i.e. travel in a snowstorm to Canada in heels and a dress for outdoor shots)

A.J. and Averie have known each other pretty well forever, and started their relationship basically around the same time. For those who say "they're too young!" or "they've got tons of time to have life experiences!" - these two are the perfect example for why these others are wrong.

We have gotten together for many shoots over the years, as my brother-in-law (turned officiant for the day!) always recommended me. So I was lucky and ecstatic that they didn't even question who was going to capture their wedding memories.

The day started in the busyness that was the newlyweds hotel room. In the midst of the chaos you stop to see the calm beauty that is Averie; ironing a child's dress shirt, and putting final craft touches on her accents.

Down the hall was A.J., mixing some whiskey and Coca Cola, and anxious to wear his superhero socks.

The two said their I Do's in a historical park, with the end of June warmth surrounding them. The rustic accents, and pops of proud American culture on their long weekend tied their day together.

I am over the moon to see what the future holds for them; because while they are both amazing separately, together they are unstoppable. 

Congratulations you two!

Dress: Windsor Store
Suit: President Tuxedo
Beauty: Tara Wood, Dollface Designs
Location: Ella Sharp Park
Decor: DIY
Cake: Sams Club
Floral: DIY