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"Two souls are sometimes created together, and in love before their born."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

It's not very often you get a chance to see a love play out for as long as you've known someone, but in this case, I was blessed with Devon & Travis.

Travis & I go back to the early 2000's as our sisters are best friends, and as long as I've known Travis and his sister, it has always been Devon.

On June 16th, it was no different.

This duo are the most laid back, organized people I have ever met, and have done business with. When the clouds kissed them with rain, they laughed and continued holding hands. I swear, these two could have just stood there, together, all day, in their own Boomer world if it wasn't for all of their guests running inside, hurrying them away as they went. 

Devon dawned a beautiful lace-torso gown with buttons that trailed her back and train. Travis looked dapper as ever with a classic suspender and bow-tie ensemble. The two wedded along the golf course, before the sun finally made its appearance. It was an all-day party to celebrate their love, and I'm sure it hasn't stopped since.

I hope your marriage is as beautiful as the two of you, and I'm so grateful I got to be a part of your day.

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