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Every year in July or August I go states-side to see two of my favourite models. I've been photographing Lola since she was 2, and Nora since she was newborn. This duo have their birthdays just a few weeks apart from each other, and this photographer loves to see how much they grow every year.

And every year, they age another 5 years mentally, which makes them so incredibly fun to be around. The bonus? I get to call them FAMILY.

This year, I took the girls out for a spa day with mani/pedis, tacos and ice cream. To top it off, my little wild child's were ready to strike a pose; especially NJ who was wearing her big sister's dress from when she was the exact same age.

The Battaglia family are the reason I am where I am in my career. They took me on for every project, no matter the size of the task, and no matter the little of experience I had. Every year I get to try and compete with myself for them, and very few things put a greater smile on my face.

Happiest of birthdays to these darlings, your big cuz can't wait to hang with you again!



I remembered photographing these two darlings when they were a flower girl and ring bearer in a wedding 2 years ago – they both grew so much in the time passed, I barely recognized them!

I was glad Mama G got in touch so I could get them in front of the camera again. The first time they were really shy... this time Ty & Mia had no problem showing off their smiles and climbing abilities!

These two are going to break some hearts in a few years time.