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Every year in July or August I go states-side to see two of my favourite models. I've been photographing Lola since she was 2, and Nora since she was newborn. This duo have their birthdays just a few weeks apart from each other, and this photographer loves to see how much they grow every year.

And every year, they age another 5 years mentally, which makes them so incredibly fun to be around. The bonus? I get to call them FAMILY.

This year, I took the girls out for a spa day with mani/pedis, tacos and ice cream. To top it off, my little wild child's were ready to strike a pose; especially NJ who was wearing her big sister's dress from when she was the exact same age.

The Battaglia family are the reason I am where I am in my career. They took me on for every project, no matter the size of the task, and no matter the little of experience I had. Every year I get to try and compete with myself for them, and very few things put a greater smile on my face.

Happiest of birthdays to these darlings, your big cuz can't wait to hang with you again!




I have known the Lachapelle family for many wonderful years. It seems I had become the go-to girl for all means family photos, so naturally, they made me feel like I was another sibling or daughter to them.

So when your family loses a loved one, your world is shook.

We lost the queen of the family, Rae, a few weeks ago unexpectedly. Morgan, after many messages of condolences, approached me about my love for the musical Rent. I had no idea it had been touring, as I had only seen it perform in Windsor. Morgan extended the invite, but with a twist.

Morgan and I were around 14 years old when we first met, but I have yet to see a smile on her face as big as when Becky is around. To my surprise, and my happiness, Morgan and Becky wanted to get engaged to each other, but had hesitated while grieving. Until just shortly ago,  under the gold and marble painted skies of the Fisher Theater, they exchanged rings. The most beautiful part of their story? Mama Rae was the only one who had seen them.

I'm blessed to know this family, and forever grateful to be their first call.



One amazing thing about being a photographer is that when everyday occurrences happen in your family, you're the first to know and capture it. So when my very protruding sister asked me to come visit on a quiet, snowy Wednesday, I packed up the Fiat and headed there without hesitation.

For those who don't know, my sister is my only sibling. She also lives an hour away in a fairytale castle with her beautiful family. So if I find the time, even if I only get to spend an hour or two with her, I will jump at the opportunity. Plus my 2-year-old niece is really damn cute.

This is my soon-to-be second niece in bump form. While Lilah seems to be more of a little spunkster (i.e. running around the house, headbutting pillows yelling "I'M SO HAPPY!"), something tells me this newbie will be a delicate little flower.

And I can't wait to meet her.