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Of course you all remember the goosebumps you got reading about Cody and Taylor's fairytale love story...

I said it then, and we still know it, see it and love it: Cody is the 'the one' for Taylor. So to be a part of their journey has been nothing but an honour.

First we had little bump, then we had big bump, and finally Parker is here and cute as ever. What could be more wonderful? How about becoming Mr. & Mrs. in ONE WEEK from TODAY!

I love photographing these two, and I love that I've been asked to shoot their big wedding soirée in the future. Congratulations to these two beautiful beings, and I can't wait to see what other magic we create together!

(Irrelevant P.S. - My fiancé and I love having another couple to hang out with now!!!)

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When I first met Meaghan, she was a Macpherson back in the same high school we attended together. Two years ago Meaghan approached me and said "I need you to be my wedding photographer!"

Meaghan had won a contest via our Facebook page, and suddenly a beautiful gift of life interrupted our potential of meeting up, and it had been postponed until recently.

It has been a long while since I saw Meaghan and Darryl be that much in love... until little miss Emma has joined them. The vibes that beam out of these two for this darling girl are simply lovely. And I got to capture it!

Enjoy the Shephard family, on one of our teasingly gorgeous February days.


I was lucky to reconnect with these two after years of seeing their love blossom from afar. After their extremely unique engagement (hello, caricaturist at the riverfront?!), I was over-the-moon when I was asked to be their wedding photographer for their August 2017 wedding.

These two are always down for a laugh, a little rain, and a little adventure.